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Our Ethos and Values

Great Berry Primary School's ethos and philosophy is one of continuous improvement by the creation of opportunities for every individual in the school community to develop his or her maximum potential. By working in a caring, orderly, safe and attractive environment, we ensure that our children are made aware of the importance and value of respect and tolerance for others, regardless of individual differences in race, religions and cultures, as well as differences in society and physical differences amongst themselves. We value the opportunities that are provided within the School to enable our children to communicate and express their opinions and feelings with independence and sensitivity. We place high importance on developing our childrenís confidence, self-esteem, responsibility, good behaviour, courtesy, good manners and consideration for others and the environment.

Our School Aims

The whole-School community at Great Berry Primary School has set itself the following aims:

  • To maintain a purposeful, orderly learning environment that encourages a high level of expectation and achievement.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and relevant Curriculum that complies with Government guidelines, where pupilsí progress is regularly monitored and evaluated.
  • To deliver the Curriculum effectively, where assessment of individual pupils informs teachersí planning.
  • To encourage our children to communicate and work in an increasingly independent manner.
  • To promote respect and tolerance for others, regardless of individual differences.
  • To encourage confidence, independence, positive self-esteem, responsibility and good behaviour, providing opportunities for children to learn courtesy, good manners and consideration for others and their environment.
  • To build and maintain good working partnerships between home and school.
  • To monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of the School.
  • To produce decision making of a high quality, based upon consistency of approach by applying policies to make practice.
  • To make the most effective use of financial and human resources available to the school.